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Welcome to MtnVapor.com!  Mountain Vapor® is an e-liquid manufacturer located in Hendersonville, NC.  Our liquids are some of the best in the industry and quite unique.  Our nicotine is the purest, with the fewest percentage of impurities found anywhere.  We have over 40 flavors and are confident that you will find one that pleases your palate.  You can also find stores around the world that carry Mountain Vapor liquids by using our location finder.


The CDC is at it again.  This time they want the world to know that "More than a quarter-million youth who had never smoked a cigarette used e-cigarettes in 2013.  Study finds youth who have used e-cigarettes are almost twice as likely to intend to smoke conventional cigarettes."


This was based on a study which concluded that "In 2013, over a quarter million never-smoking youth had used e-cigarettes. E-cigarette use was associated with increased intentions to smoke cigarettes. Enhanced prevention efforts for youth are important for all forms of tobacco, including e-cigarettes."


However, as some have already pointed out, the questionnaire used to poll these teenagers skewed the results by reinterpreting the answer "probably not" as "yes, I intend to smoke a cigarette in the next year."


Now, while it seems fair to say that "probably not" contains the nugget "I don't know," which in turn can be interpreted as "yes, but I'm not telling you yes," it is entirely unfair to anything remotely scientific to say that specific responses need to be translated.  Doing so only corrupts the data and, worse, makes it appear that the study is meant to specifically implicate negatively the topic (e-Cigs) and the respondents (teenagers).  It's as if the study went in with bias, saying, "Teenagers lie, so we will take their lies and make them truth." And this is true because they took data and corrupted it. 

The sad truth is that the study says more about how the CDC and FDA (those who conducted the study) view TEENAGERS more than how they view e-cigarettes.  Obviously, if the data needed to be "translated" it means that an agenda against e-cigarettes preexisted.  But, less obviously, the translation of the data unveils a negative, if not cynical, attitude towards teenagers, the very people the CDC and FDA purport to protect!

Now, it might be said that caution should be exercised when combinging teenagers and e-cigs.  We agree.  That's why at Mountain Vapor we make sure that our customers are over age 18, the legal standard.  But if the legal standard is 18, why is the CDC and FDA presuming that teenagers will break the law and vape e-cigs?  Um.. probably because they will.  And why does the CDC and FDA presume that e-cig dealers will break the law and sell to teenagers?  Um.. probably because they will.

So, in essence, the joint study by the CDC and FDA investigates how often the law will be broken.
But in doing so they did not take the data at face value. It was not enough for them that 100% of the teenagers who smoked e-cigs did so illegally! No, they were perplexed that only 8% of those who used e-cigs ever intended to smoke cigarettes. That doesn't fall within their negative views regarding smoking. That doesn't fall within their negative views regarding teenagers. That doesn't fall within their negative views regarding e-cigs. So what did the CDC and FDA do with the data? They took "probably not" ("I vape but I probably won't smoke a cigarette") as "yes" ("I'm a teenager, I'm lying because I'm a teenager, and I am definitely going to smoke a cigarette because e-cigs lead to cigarettes"). At Mountain Vapor, we take the law seriously, and we do not sell e-cigs to those under 18. We also take health very seriously, and we take a dim view of the CDC and FDA skewing results against e-cigarettes (and teenagers) because they BELIEVE that we do not take health or the law seriously! The data taken was accurate. The study is worse than flawed, it's bigoted.
Why are we upset enough to write this article? Because we care not only about our business, we also care about the truth. And the truth is, the study in question did not tell the truth, but merely presumed that teenagers lie, and therefore the study is merely the opinion of the CDC and FDA. The preexisting opinion of the CDC and FDA. That is, the study is not a study, it is merely a reflection of the biases of the CDC and FDA. We do not know exactly why they have this bias. Truthfully, e-cigs very well MAY HELP people quit smoking! (we are not making any claim here. More research is needed) Truthfully, the cigarette business is getting into the e-cig business, so if corporations and business collude it does not add up in this case. Whatever the case may be, Mountain Vapor will continue to follow the law, and be a purveyor of truth, as well as manufacturers of the best nicotine and flavors you ever tasted!
Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!

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