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4 Ways to Boost E-Cigarette Battery Life

When the e-cigarette industry took off in 2008, battery life wasn’t very good. Sure, some lasted longer than others, but it was extremely difficult to find a battery that could last long enough to get through a few hours, much less an entire day like today’s models.

Still, while it isn’t prohibitively expensive to replace a Cirrus battery, it’s important to get as much value from your investment as possible, otherwise unnecessary costs can add up. Quickly.

Fortunately there are things you can do to make sure you get the most life out of your battery. White Cloud only uses the latest technologies in its products, and we generally expect each to last a minimum of 200-250 charging cycles, with regular reports of 400-500 charges coming in from customers every day.

If you own more than one battery, that equals… well … a long, long lifespan for your Cirrus, that’s for sure.

Never mind our math skills. Just follow these four simple steps to help extend the life of your batteries.


1. Store your battery properly

Due to the nature of batteries, this might seem obvious. But we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard comments like the following:

“So, I was soaking my battery overnight in Windex…” “It was only on the radiator for a weekend!” “Storing my e-cigs in the beer fridge really brings out the flavor of Zero K!”

(One of the above actually happened. Honest.)

While storing a battery may seem like common sense, we sometimes get careless and forget how things like moisture, humidity and heat can dramatically affect their lifespan. (Yes, this means no vaping in the shower, buddy. Cut it out, already.)

Your best bet is to keep your batteries out of harm’s way (and out of children’s hands or pets’ mouths) by storing them in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources or open flames, and definitely not where they can be easily damaged.


2. Charge often

We’ve heard it a thousand times – “Should I let my battery drain all the way down before recharging?” Nope. No you shouldn’t.

Older rechargeable batteries suffered from something known as “memory effect,” which meant that the device somehow “learned” your use/change habits, and reduced its overall capacity to reflect these patterns.

But, fret not frequent chargers! Newer rechargeables do NOT suffer from such limited technology, and actually perform better with numerous charges or “top-offs,” rather than by draining them down. It’s less stressful for the battery, and requires less power to get it back to full charge.

Don’t worry – topping off a battery with ¾ charge does not count as a “full charge cycle,” so there’s no reason to head out without topping off. Trust us, for a long night out, you don’t want to risk getting caught with a pocket full of dead batteries.


3. Keep it clean, kids

Another one for the “obvious file,” right? Wrong. Not a day goes by without our support team answering any one of the following:

“It’s supposed to be brown, right?” “How do you stop the cartridge from squeaking when I put a new one on?” “Liquid on the metal brings you more flavor, no?”


Look, if used properly, your cartridges and batteries are designed to work as cleanly as possible. But things happen. You might drop your e-cig. You might store your e-cig upside down in your pocket. You might even give the cartridge one too many twists when putting it on.

Over time, your batteries can either get dirty from everyday grime and minor juice leaks, or even become moist from naturally occurring condensation. (Hey, liquid + heat = vapor, meaning some of it is BOUND to end up in the nooks and crannies.)

If left unattended, your relationship with your e-cig is likely to be a short one. But a touch of SIMPLE maintenance with a Magic Eraser-type sponge and a dry toothbrush (no, not the one you’re current using) will make a huge difference in how your battery connects, and subsequently performs.

Just periodically brush the threads and contacts (gently) where your cartridge and battery hook together, and you’re done. If there’s any residual moisture or dirt, a quick swipe of a paper towel will take care of it quickly.

Check out this quick guide for more detail on cleaning your Cirrus batteries (click to enlarge):

Dirty Batteries2

It took you longer to read this section than it would to clean your battery and cartridge connectors. So, stop making excuses and do this already.


4. Use the dang thing!

Our final tip is the one most commonly overlooked. Unlike a classic car owner who only unleashes his Testarossa on weekends in the early Spring, your e-cig batteries were meant to be used, and used often.

Think of your e-cig less like a machine, and more like a human needing exercise. The more they work out, the easier power will flow through the device. The batteries used in our Cirrus rechargeables are designed to be used daily, much like the ones found in cell phones.

Yes, you love your e-cigs. But there’s no point in “preserving” them for a rainy day. They were designed to work from the get-go, so don’t hinder your experience in hopes of maintaining a collection of “vintage” e-cigarettes. It’s not the same thing.

In the end, e-cig batteries from White Cloud are inexpensive, so stock up, follow these four key tips, and have a few fully-charged ones lying around so you can be sure you enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience, at home or on the road.


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