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Air Travel & E-Cigarettes: 3 tips for vaping the friendly skies

The use of e-cigarettes during air travel has been a hotly debated topic since the use of vaping devices became popular a few years back. We even broached the topic ourselves back in September. But, we have some new readers, and still get customer service questions about this matter nearly every day. So let’s revisit it one more time, shall we?

First, let’s get one thing out of the way — e-cigs don’t have to be smuggled like illegal contraband. The airlines are well-aware of what they are. (Well, at least they know about e-cigs that resemble cigarettes. We’re not sure how elaborately designed mods fit into the equation.)

If you stay smart and respectful of the rules, you and your White Cloud e-cigs should have no problem getting through security without even a modicum of hassle.

But, being that airport security is still known to occasionally lambast people for over-sized bottles of Prell, it’s better to be prepared. If you have even the slightest concerns, read on …


1. Be open about what your White Cloud is (and isn’t)


I’m a marketer by trade, and I believe in 100% transparency in everything I do. Air travel with an e-cig is no exception. Rather than bury your White Cloud case, Flings, batteries and cartridges under piles of questionable laundry, show it to the TSA agent from the outset. Keep them in your pocket and if asked, explain what it is, how it works, and what each element is comprised of.

Like I said, most agents are well aware of e-cigarettes and will probably just ask you to stow it in your luggage. But if they inquire, calmly explain everything and all should be fine.

If for some reason, your e-cig gets confiscated, do NOT argue or make jokes. (I didn’t really have to say that, right?)  Throughout history, no traveler has ever once won an debate with airport security. TSA agents are effectively undefeated.

Believe me, if you think your argument in favor of using a battery-powered vaporizer indoors is grounds for conflict, I hope you:

Have time to spare Know a lawyer who vapes Really enjoy the spicy, fresh aroma of mace

Look, we know you love your personal vaping rig. But a new Cirrus Starter Kit costs a lot less than bail or extradition fees. In short, if they want it, let them take it, gently wave goodbye, and start planning a gameplan for your return trip.

(It goes without saying that we HIGHLY recommend bringing disposable Flings for your air travel, especially if it’s not a long trip. Even though you’re 100% dedicated to your traditional vaping setup, if you’re concerned about catching a TSA agent on a bad day, don’t take the risk.)


2. Only pack what you need


We all know what it’s like to get caught without a spare cartridge or a fresh battery. It’s a terrible, empty, lonely feeling. But being prepared doesn’t mean packing 25 boxes of cartridge refills for a two-day trip. If the TSA sees a pile of vaping supplies large enough to satisfy the Miami Dolphins, they’re going to be much more suspicious about your intentions.

Remember, White Cloud cartridges are long-lasting, and the batteries will work for a good amount of time under regular use. Once you’re at your final stop, recharge till your heart’s content. But don’t make YOUR supply paranoia a problem for the TSA.

Also, not for anything, but White Cloud allows you to ship to locations other than your billing address, so be smart and plan ahead. Shipping spares to your destination will surely ease the trip to the gate.


3. Do NOT vape during air travel


Yup, you heard me correctly. Don’t do it. It’s not allowed. And pay no mind to the YouTube videos of so-called daredevils vaping in cramped lavatories. How … um … enjoyable?

Unless you’ve somehow received written permission from the airline allowing you, Joe or Jane E. Vaper, to use your White Cloud on a flight, do not even consider puffing away. Not only is vaping still considered “smoking” by 99.9% of the population, it’s also a major infraction if you don’t have the written go-ahead.

And I seriously doubt you’re going to get such permission. To be honest, just about all of the airlines have banned e-cigarettes. That means it’s a federal no-no, friends. Even for the mighty Joe E. Vaper.

Besides, on crowded economy airlines, the people next to you likely won’t appreciate the vapor anyway, as harmless and odor-free as it may be. To the uninitiated, vapor is smoke, no matter how much documentation you have that proves otherwise. Keep your cool, and more importantly, keep the peace. You’ve survived without smoking on flights for years — it’s good practice for vaping, as well.

As always, the bottom line is common sense. Let intelligence dictate your actions, and always triple check with an airport prior to using your White Cloud on your journey to 30,000 feet.


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