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CASAA Public Service Announcement #2


Just about everything we do or consume has some risk involved. Even something as innocuous as fresh produce, such as spinach, can have hidden dangers. Every day we take simple actions that reduce our risks - from washing our vegetables, to crossing the street at crosswalks, to using condoms. Those actions are called "harm reduction," because while they don't make us 100% safe, they significantly reduce the risk of getting sick. Of course, never smoking is the most effective way to reduce the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, but even that is no guarantee.

Every year,  in spite of the high risks, 43 million people continue to smoke. Whether is because they refuse to quit or have tried many times and have been unable to quit isn't what is important. What is important is that there are safer alternatives for them when smoking cessation programs and drugs fail.  Maybe not as much as never having smoked at all, but nearly the same, and up to 99% safer than continuing to smoke.

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