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CASAA Public Service Announcement #5


Although 69% of smokers say they want to quit, the fact remains that only 52% of them actually try and only 1% to 2% of smokers actually succeed at quitting for more than a year. That means that the 45 million Americans who continue to smoke every year need an alternative that has far less health risks than smoking. The alternatives have been quit or die - until now.

Electronic cigarettes were invented to serve as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes - for those who cannot or will not quit smoking. They are meant to be a replacement for tobacco cigarettes, not a replacement for nicotine gums and patches. For these smokers, gums and patches are either not an option or simply don't work for them. The effectiveness of e-cigarettes is measured by how many people quit smoking conventional cigarettes, not how many people quit using nicotine.

Around the world, millions of smokers are making the switch to something new that they can enjoy and that won't harm them or their loved ones. Even smokers who aren't trying to quit smoking are trying e-cigarettes and find they are no longer smoking. This is a phenomenon that does not happen with gums and patches, which are only purchased by smokers who are actively trying to quit. Public health should be encouraging this switch, yet they insist on continuing to direct smokers who aren't even trying to quit to ineffective gums and patches, and simply ignore the 30% of smokers who don't even plan on quitting.

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Original author: Kristin
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