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How to Explain Your White Cloud E-Cigarette to Others

As White Cloud users, we’re preconditioned to expect questions whenever we use an e-cigarette in public places. But, after fielding the umpteenth question about how I can smoke without fire, I can get a little tired of repeating the same thing over and over again …

It’s like “Groundhog Day” meets every Cypress Hill song ever made — redundant and boring.

(Man, am I showing my age here…)

So, whenever the mood strikes (and I’m not at risk of offending short-tempered people larger than me), I bust out a little harmless sarcasm to break up the monotony. Being that today is April Fool’s Day, here are some of my favorite replies to some all-too-common questions about White Cloud and e-cigarettes.

Q: “What the [expletive] is that thing?”

“It’s a straw for my — oh, crap, where’s my Mello Yello?” “World’s. Worst. Pez dispenser.” “My priest told me I needed to purify my soul, so I’m freebasing leftover incense.”

Q: “Does it taste like a ‘real’ cigarette?”

“Only if a real cigarette tastes like rainbows and newborn kittens.” “No, but it does taste like a hearty veal parm grinder.” “Only on the fourth Thursday of each month. Plan accordingly.”

Q: “Do e-cigarettes work?”

“In this economy? Only 15 hours a week.” “Yes, but it occasionally gives off steam.” “No, that’s the ‘off’ light.”

Yeah, sarcasm doesn’t answer everything. But the rest of these remarks might make your usual bar/restaurant/office smoke break a little more interesting.

Or, you can do like most (normal) people do, by answering the questions politely, referring them to our FAQ page, and just enjoying your White Cloud e-cigs.

What types of conversations have you enjoyed while explaining your White Cloud? Share them in the comments section below!

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