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How to Pay-it-Forward with Your E-Cigarettes

I’m quickly approaching my three-year mark of being a vaper. One thing I realized after all this time is that it’s VERY easy to build up a large amount of batteries, cartridges and items you either didn’t like, or from which you’ve simply moved on.

Instead of just letting them become dust gatherers there’s actually a few things you can do with them.

1. Swap Them!

Pay-it-Forward by swapping

White Cloud has its own forum, in which you can reach out to fellow vapers for advice, tips or even a little side business. Maybe you have too many Cirrus batteries. Maybe your cartridges are the wrong strength. Maybe you just want to be a nice person. Regardless, the forum is filled with like-minded people who might want to swap some Flings, try some new flavors, or accept your charitable donation to the cause.

You can also very easily do the same through Facebook or other social media outlets. Just remember we’re not responsible for making sure you crazy kids complete your trades. Swap smart!

2. Recycle Them!

Payit-Forward by Recycling

With White Cloud replacement batteries being so inexpensive, I don’t think there’s MUCH of a market for older, used batteries. So don’t bother trying to sell them. If they’re done, they’re done. Get rid of them the right way – recycle!

If you use rechargeable Cirrus batteries, we encourage you to recycle them at your local battery and hazardous materials recycling center. Click here to find a Call2Recycle-approved battery drop-off center near you.

3. Pay-it-Forward!

Just Pay-it-Forward!

Forget about that movie starring the creepy kid from “The Sixth Sense.” This is about giving the gift of a better alternative.

(Besides, have you seen him now? Whoa.)

Paying it forward is easy, and is arguably the most rewarding way to clear out your growing stash of e-cig products. Doing this is as simple as giving the items you’re no longer using to someone in need. There are many ways you can do this, whether it’s to a friend or family member in real life, through the forum or on White Cloud social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

E-cigs are like anything else. When you get a new one, older (but perfectly good) ones simply collect dust on the shelf. What better way to say thank you to all the great people in your life, or the White Cloud community, than by passing along a shiny battery or two to a few of them?

When you pay-it-forward you give someone else chance to either start vaping, or continue their journey into vaping instead of smoking.

If that isn’t rewarding, I don’t know what is.


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