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Mods, APVs and Drippers (oh, my)

Alright, let me say what many of you are already thinking: This e-cigarette stuff can be REALLY confusing.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re either a White Cloud customer, or you’re thinking of becoming one. And, kudos to you for making the switch to e-cigarettes. If White Cloud is the only e-cigarette you ever use, we’re confident you’ll remain 100% satisfied with our products, and your decision, for as long as you’re part of our community.

But, I would bet my entire paycheck that while researching e-cigs and vaping, you probably came across websites selling a ridiculous amount of products, most of which don’t resemble cigarettes, alongside a few that don’t resemble anything you’d consider putting in your mouth.

Welcome to the world of “advanced vaping.”

What’s the Point?

Before we dive in, let’s clear up one common misconception. Regardless of the vaping device you use – whether it’s a Fling or a five-tank mod attached to a converted bus engine – all e-cigarettes operate on the same principle:

You have a battery or power source You have a heating element or atomizer You have flavored e-liquid that creates vapor when the user activates #1 and #2

Seems simple enough, right? It is. But vapers (and vaping companies) are a creative bunch, and are always looking for new ways to gain more flavor, produce more vapor and maximize battery life. And, to be fair, most of these advanced devices offer differences in performance over a traditionally sized e-cigarette.

But at what cost? Let’s investigate a little further…

The Mod Squad

E-Cig ModsWhile perusing other e-cigarette websites, you probably saw some advertising “mods,” which is a term that has evolved considerably over time. Whereas “mod” was once short for “modification,” it is now an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs).

Chances are, the “mods” you saw were actually mass-produced APVs that offer users a wide range of tuning options, including adjustable voltage and wattage, different atomizer resistances, and in a few cases, updatable computer firmware.

(Yes, really.)

I could go into extensive detail about each of these features, but the Web is chock full of good information on the subject. The sole purpose for all of these features is the same – to produce a better, more satisfying e-cigarette experience.

The original mod scene came into being as an alternative to the basic cigarette-sized devices on the market. At the time, the market was oversaturated with poor quality, cheaply produced e-cigs, all of which were accompanied by claims of “One cartridge equals two packs of cigarettes…” or “Save thousands of dollars per year.

Those opportunistic Internet charlatans charged insane amounts of money for sub-par products, which indirectly drove an entire subculture of “modders” to start improving on what is seemingly a very simple concept.

By creating their own e-cigarettes, modders were able to use replaceable Li-ion batteries that offered much better battery life and strength. These mods were designed as long tubes, squatty boxes, and seemingly every other shape in between. And with this growth came a need for more complex atomizers, liquid storage tanks, and more.

While performance definitely varied, these hobbyists gave themselves control over their vaping experience, rather than spend countless dollars on an endless parade of sub-par products, from less-than-stable companies.

There are now a huge number of companies building and selling APVs and mods. Prices and styles range from inexpensive mass-produced “big batteries,” to handcrafted mechanical mods that can run into the hundreds of dollars, if not more.

Like anything else, there are both good and bad APVs. There are both good and bad experiences to be had. And the more complex varieties of APVs require continued maintenance and adjustment to achieve the elusive, near-mythical “perfect vape.”

Caveat emptor.

Is “Dripping” a Good Thing?

As if all this advanced vaping terminology wasn’t complicated enough, a new way to enjoy e-liquid has emerged, charmingly termed “dripping.”

Now, I know, I know. Normally, the goal of an e-cigarette is to keep the e-liquid INSIDE the storage container, rather than have it drip anywhere. But the act of dripping actually refers to more complicated APV atomizers, which allow users to drip their e-liquid onto an atomizer and vape it directly, rather than by wicking it through a standard cartridge.

Drippers – yes, they call themselves that – claim the flavor is far superior to e-liquid from a wick, which certainly makes sense from a scientific perspective. But the price for this flavor boost is a lack of portability. Since there’s no storage tank, you will need to carry your device, special dripping atomizer, and a bottle of e-liquid wherever you go.

(Not to mention a spare battery, a few hundred napkins, and two forms of ID should someone in uniform confuse your vaping setup for a prop from Breaking Bad.)

At home, in a controlled environment, dripping can be a very enjoyable experience, no doubt. But if you’re like us, and like to grab your e-cigarettes and go, these complications far outweigh any marginal increases in flavor or vapor.

Our Take

All joking aside, a number of us at White Cloud use mods and APVs, and a handful are even drippers. We do it because we love vaping, and are always looking for ways to bring our customers more enjoyable, satisfying products.

While most companies producing mods and APVs are simply attempting to build a better mousetrap, in the end, some of their creativity has helped move the industry forward. Some of the major advances in vaping technology were discovered by modders, and quickly adopted by the rest of the e-cigarette industry.

Compared to products sold in 2008, today’s offerings bring you better battery life, power meters, more efficient atomizer technology, better tasting liquid and more. White Cloud is no exception. Our current line of disposable Fling and rechargeable Cirrus e-cigarettes represent the most advanced technology in the industry, and produce the most authentic, enjoyable experience available.

We understand that since its boom in 2008, the e-cigarette industry has been riddled with imitators and poor-quality products. And we “get” why people would want to improve upon those negative experiences, in any way possible.

Yet, while most of those second-rate companies have long since folded, and the owners have moved along to take advantage of another trend, we are still here.

As great as APV devices can be – and make no mistake, some produce fantastic experiences – very few of us go anywhere without a trusty Fling or Cirrus and a few cartridges in our pockets. Whether we want to be more discreet, or simply want to enjoy a flavorful, full-bodied vape without the hassle, our everyday devices are the same cigarette-sized ones that started us on this journey years ago.

We are vapers, and we produce top-quality, flavorful, long-lasting products that we choose to vape each and every day. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Please share your experience in our comments below.

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