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Tell Me What’s Your Flavor

Did you know that there's more to smoking with blu? People may congratulate you that you have quit smoking and found a healthier way. People may think that smoking is bad for the health, but the moment they would realize on the facts electronic cigarettes could bring, they would be surprised. As a matter of fact, users of this tiny device have changed their lives. Think about smoking in a closed and air conditioned room. Who would think you would be able to take a puff with freedom? Yes, this is what an e-cig can provide. Other than that, they have converted a healthier body. No matter what flavor you would choose, each bottle allows you to have the freedom you were supposed to have when you were still smoking on the conventional cigarette. Talking about flavor, there is another fact that you should know about electronic cigarettes. Most people believe that colors can tell personalities. And just as the flavors you use for your e-cig, each tells who you are. It may sound amusing, let's find out what your flavor is.The ClassicThe increasing demand of the different flavors of their electronic cigarettes didn't stop people who would still prefer to use the blu classic tobacco e-liquid. This is for the simple men and women who would not want any flavor to their cigarette. They want plain. There are just people who want nothing on their cupcake. Just as the people who prefer this flavor. All they want is classic taste and classic in every sense.MentholYou can feel the cool and morning breeze the moment you puff on the blu menthol e-liquid. There's only one word to describe the people who love this flavor – cool! As refreshing as the spearmint in this flavor, this is what you are. Even if it has a slight taste of vanilla in it, you can still recognize a person who does not take any effort at all grabbing everyone's attention. In short, they naturally stand out.NRG with TaurineIf menthol lovers are cool and sophisticated, this flavor is the opposite. Men and women who enjoy this flavor are believed to be sharp and electrifying. Since this flavor allows the user to be alive and full of energy. For those who wanted to have an adrenaline rush, this should satisfy your vaping desires.CherryFor people who wish to have excitement and adventure, this is the flavor them. The moment you enter the room, people will be captivated and be intrigued. This unique flavor enables people to tell your personality. Each drop of this cherry flavor allows you to discover more.It is interesting to know that your electronic cigarette could reflect your personality. You can spot your flavor that conforms who you are. On the other hand, you can always try another flavor that would suit your taste buds. It's amazing when people decide to quit smoking and decide to have a healthy life, not to mention discover more about themselves and their friends through these electronic cigarette flavors.
Original author: Wilbur
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