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What e-cigarette Flavors are the most Appealing?

Electronic cigarettes from White Cloud are available in an extensive selection of flavors and strengths, ensuring that consumers can find e-cigarettes suitable to their tastes. The flavor selection is definitely several steps up from your father’s regular or menthol tobacco choices. In e-cigarettes, the liquid solution heated to produce vapor, which is the perfect medium for introducing a heady array of exotic and unexpected flavors.

A Taste for Tobacco Flavors

Tobacco smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes appreciate flavors that approximate classic tobacco tastes. This helps them ease into vaping. As if to demonstrate that e-cigs expand your choices, White Cloud’s line of tobacco-inspired flavored products goes beyond regular toasty tobacco. The perfectly named Apache line is bold and brave, catering to erstwhile pipe and no-filter smokers. On the opposite end, Bora Bora e-cigarettes are mildly flavored with subtle hints of spice.

Mad for Menthol

The refreshing tang of mint awakens the senses with White Cloud’s menthol-flavored e-cigarettes. The basic menthol flavor is a clean, eucalyptus-inspired e-cigarette that many vapers consider among the best in the market. However, there are other flavors to try including the fresh sweetness of berries in Iced Berry, mint chocolate-y richness in Snap and bold peppermint in Zero K.

Those who relish the smoothness of menthol will definitely flip for e-cigarettes that taste crisp, feel clean and leave a pleasant after taste.

Fancying those Fruity Flavors

Before e-cigarettes, fruity flavors came in the form of candy, gum or sweets. E-cigs changed all that with White Cloud’s line of fruit-inspired flavors. These flavors represent a departure from mimicking tobacco products. Fruity flavors include apple, strawberry, peach, banana and a delightful combination of lime and coconut. These flavors, particularly the lime-coconut combination, are popular because fruit-flavored vaping reportedly satisfy cravings for sweets and rich food.

Excited by Exotic Flavors

Proving that e-cigarettes are not your father’s tobacco, White Cloud has a line of e-cigarettes for those with more adventurous and sophisticated tastes. Vanilla, chocolate and espresso are the three basic flavors in this line, and the three are equally popular. For more daring vapers, e-cigarettes also come in a flavor called kick, which is a bold honey cinnamon combo and cin, which is a spunky cinnamon flavor. Clove flavors evoke warm and spicy undertones.

E-cigarettes in these flavors have been credited for controlling desert and candy cravings. The reasons are obvious: Using e-cigarettes in exotic flavors satisfy the need to indulge in decadent tastes. When it comes to exotic flavors, each line has its own fan base.

Sampling the Flavors

With so many options, how do you make a choice? The answer is to test each one, focusing on the flavors that appeal to you. White Cloud gives you a way to do a trial run for your preferred flavors. Purchase a 10-pack of Fling disposable e-cigarettes and personalize your order by choosing among all available flavors. The 10-pack order becomes an e-cigarette sampler.

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