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What is YOUR Take on E-Cigarette Etiquette?

So much of e-cigarette advertising – past and present – centers on the idea that users can simply break out their e-cig, and vape away indoors or outdoors, with no worries of repercussions, or bothering others, because vapor isn’t “smoke,” per se.

And, according to recent surveys, nearly two-thirds of Americans (63%) say they would not be bothered by someone using an e-cig in close proximity, regardless of currently accepted smoking etiquette.

This is good news, for sure. But is it enough to warrant the industry’s common (and overblown) claims of “smoke anywhere without worry?” Not likely.

In the last week alone, I’ve used my Cirrus in four establishments – a bar, a restaurant, a large retail store and on a public bus. And the results were not nearly as definitive as the survey would indicate.

In the bar, I was asked about the Cirrus, and given permission to continue using it, provided no customers complained. Yet, in the restaurant, even though no one was sitting near me, I was asked to put it away, without any chance to explain what it was, or how it worked.

In the store, I was asked to not use it when around other patrons, and to be discreet when exhaling. But the attitude was one of interest, not vilification.

On the bus, I was given some very dirty looks by some, confused stares by others, but made to feel uncomfortable throughout. It appeared one person was about to say something, but those stares spoke volumes, so I put it away before they had the chance to engage.

No, I wasn’t smoking. But to the uninitiated, I might as well have been.

Whether we like it or not, we must remain aware that using e-cigs is not quite ready for mass consumption. E-cigs do give off a certain amount of tangible vapor (unless you’re an Invisi-Vapor devotee) and often, a slightly noticeable aroma, as well. As harmless as it may be — especially when compared to traditional cigarette smoke — it’s important to remember to respect others.

So, we turn it over to you, true believers. What are YOUR best practices for e-cigarette etiquette? Do you vape without care? Or, do you treat your e-cigs much in the same manner as tobacco, stepping outside, and/or moving away from others? How does your vaping differ from your smoking practices?

Share your tactics below, or through our Facebook page, so we can all work toward harmony between vapers and non-vapers.

Original author: Brad Bortone
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