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When Comedian and Commerce Collide

Recently, we were privileged to have White Cloud Comedy mainstay Ian Gutoskie spend the day at our new headquarters – “privileged” in the same way North Koreans were when Dennis Rodman stopped by for a long weekend.

Much like Rodman, Ian is usually a lanky, 6’7” source of mirth and merriment. But, he took this consulting visit seriously, offering — ahem — inspired suggestions for workflow, website design, customer service and even product ideas.

We could tell you all the details, but it’s probably better if you watch the video. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the following terms before clicking that play button:

Tampa stripper Mood organization Bus stop rest room Giraffe sushi

Still here? Good. Enjoy comedian Ian Gutoskie’s memorable visit to White Cloud.

Be sure to check out Ian at Operation: Comedy Haha, and at his personal website. Because you sure as hell won’t see him around the office anymore.

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