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Why You Should Join the White Cloud Forum

Talk to any veteran e-cigarette user about whether he or she frequents online forums and the answer is likely to be a resounding “Yes.” Even if they don’t use them as often as social media, many vapers use forums to learn, share and form long-lasting connections.

But, because so many forums have become too large, unwieldy and unmonitored, White Cloud has reimagined its own forum for its growing community. Featuring the following discussion areas, our all-new forum has everything a new or experienced vaper could want:

Newcomers Area White Cloud Product Discussion Flavor Forum White Cloud Sales and Discounts Ask the Community White Cloud Testimonials General E-Cigarette Discussion E-Cigarettes in the News Non-E-Cig-Related Discussion Suggestion Box

Each of the above areas will soon have a wealth of sub-forums, to make sure you always find the information you need, easily and efficiently.

As our community grows, so will the wealth of information sitting at your fingertips. Let’s discuss five major benefits you will get by joining our forum and interacting with fellow members.

1. Gain new insights

One of my favorite things to do when I’m stuck for ideas to blog about is to go through the topics in my favorite e-cigarette forums. I keep my eye open for any questions that people are asking, hot debates and anything else that I think will be a good topic for a blog post.

But that’s just me. For customers, online forums allow you to tap into the pulse of all things happening in vaping today. Have a success story? Figured out a better way to maximize battery life? Just want to share your thoughts on a product? This is the place to do it.

The more people there are talking in the forum, the more potential there is for you to gain information and improve your e-cigarette experience.


2. Learn from peers

Let’s suppose you’re a newbie. You’ve just entered the world of e-cigarettes and feel like you’re flapping around like a fish out of water, trying to make sense of this slew of new terminology. You know you have a lot to learn but you can’t afford to spend money trying every last option.

“What’s my ideal nicotine strength?” “Which flavors closest resemble cigarettes?” “How many puffs are people averaging per Fling?” A million questions, and limited time in which to answer them.

Then, you join a forum and all of a sudden you see people asking the same questions as you. Better still, people are answering those questions. Suddenly, what was bound to take you months to learn becomes something simple within minutes.


3. Learn from our experts

So, again, you’re a newbie and in serious need of help. Your cartridge suddenly tastes like feet, and there’s no reasonable explanation as to why.

You have limited resources but you’re desperate to have someone offer expert-level advice. Someone whose advice is tailored specifically for you so you can not only avoid common vaping mistakes but actually learn the ins and outs of e-cigs in half the time it would take you otherwise.

Our entire team, from the warehouse to the boardroom, is available to offer help and advice in our forums … and most of them do so on a regular basis. We are vapers, and we want to make sure the product we sell is as enjoyable as possible.

So, the next time you inhale and taste Reeboks, before you start chucking your kit out the window, check into the forum to see if there’s a reasonable answer.

(FYI, foot taste is not normal. It’s time for a new cartridge.)


4. Build relationships

Forums have proven to be an excellent source for relationship building because vaping, by and large, is a community-driven practice. Vapers love talking about new flavors, how long they make their batteries last, new product ideas, and more. Once you’ve spent a little time scouring the forum, you’ll see that our community is built upon mutual interest and respect. People want to help, to be helped, and to share what they know.

The good thing is that this relationship building doesn’t take any extra effort. If you’re active in a forum, are networking and engaging with other members, are going out of your way to lend a helping hand, then you’re automatically building relationships.

We haven’t yet made our first forum love connection, but the year is young, and it’s only a matter of time before Chuck Woolery is talking about how love for menthol turned into a love worthy of marriage. Bank on it.


5. Establish forum expertise

Alright, you’ve read the forum, you’ve shared your issues and you’ve been helped numerous times. It’s time to pay that forward and help other newcomers.

Whether or not you realize it, the more active you are in our forum, the more knowledgeable you become. Before you know it, you’ll be solving nicotine concerns and making flavor recommendations for even the greenest of new vapers.

While we don’t want you guys becoming quasi-doctors, sharing your experiences and understandings will go a long way toward becoming a trusted figure in a growing social community.

And if you don’t have the answer, fear not – our experts will be there to record the save. They say it takes a village to raise a child … well, it takes an entire forum to raise a well-trained vaper.

Join the discussion today at the all-new White Cloud Forum!


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